Eyelash Care – What You Need To Know

By   July 6, 2016

Beautiful, long lashes are one of the top beauty aspects desired by women worldwide. Unfortunately, not everyone can have full luscious lashes like the celebrities we see strutting their stuff on the red carpet. Full, healthy lashes can take about two months to regrow and generally last about three months before naturally falling out. Unhealthy lashes fall out at a much higher frequency due to their generally brittle, dry state. However, there are some easy to implement strategies which can make a real, and noticeable, impact to the growth of your own natural lashes, making them fuller, healthier and more attractive.

Moisturise them Luscious Lashes

Moisturising your eyelashes protects against dry, brittle lashes which tend to break, fall out frequently and inhibit decent growth. Vaseline is a tried and tested method for making sure that your lashes receive the moisture they require. Eyelash conditioners which contain either biotin or keratin have the added benefit of fundamentally strengthening the hairs themselves. Simply apply the moisturiser nightly to clean lashes and remove the following morning. Alternative natural products such as coconut oil, lanolin oil and almond oils can also be used to great effect.

What you put in, is what you get out – Vitamins, Diet and Growth Enhancers

The old maxim, “What you put in, is what you get out” is very much relevant to eyelash care. If your diet is lacking the essential ingredients to grow hair, your eyelashes will suffer in turn. Make sure that you’re eating healthy foods rich in proteins, iron, omega 3, vitamin A, B-complex, C, E, H as well as drinking lots of water. There are also nutritional supplements and multivitamins specifically formulated to encourage hair growth available from your local pharmacy, ask the pharmacist for what may be the best for you.

Behaviour – Be Good to Your Lashes and they’ll be good to you

One of the major causes of poor eyelashes is behavioural habits. Avoid extreme rubbing of your eyes as this pulls out eyelashes which are slow growing and may damage the underlying follicle. Excessive use of eyebrow curlers, particularly heated units, is also detrimental to your eyelashes and may have the dual effect of pulling them out or rendering them dry and brittle. The habitual removal of makeup is also important as some brands, if left on the eyelashes for prolonged periods, may also lead to dryness and fragility. Remember to gently remove all makeup at the end of the night (and then moisturise).

Super Boost your Lashes

Mascara is the product of choice for all woman wanting to give those lashes a boost, making them truly stand out. So Why not pick a product which has been specifically formulated with the vitamins and moisturisers needed to enhance the health of your eyelashes whilst simultaneously making them look amazing? Such products are truly worth the investment, and Idol Lash is the product I see getting great review over and over again.

False Lashes – The last Option

If you’re going to go this route, use a tried and tested product. Cheaper brands will damage your natural eyelashes through the use of harmful adhesives and their subsequent rough removal (and your real eyelashes with them) once you are done. Remember to always attach them to the eyelashes themselves, and not to the skin at the base of the eyelash as you run the risk of damaging the follicle. False lashes should always be the last option as there are, in general, detrimental to you natural lashes. Save them for truly special occasions!

How To Effectively Treat Cellulite

By   July 4, 2016

For many women, cellulite is a menace that they can’t ever seem to get rid of. With their cellulite, comes feelings of shame and self deprecation, however, 80-98% of women have it (Schwartz 2015)! Before we treat cellulite, we must first understand where it comes from. After a brief overview of the causes of cellulite, I want to give you three remedies that are proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Many people believe that their cellulite is a sign that they are overweight, however, there are a variety of medical causes for cellulite that may not be linked to your weight at all. Some of the most common factors of cellulite are hormonal or genetic factors. Meaning that your cellulite may just be something that was passed down to you. Diet can also play a huge roll in how our skin looks! Cellulite feeds on fats, carbohydrates and salt, and if you are consuming an unhealthy amount of these ingredients, you could be contributing to your cellulite. So before you become discouraged or feel that you are overweight because of that dimpling around your thighs, know that it might just be genetic and examine your diet to see if you can cut back in some areas.

While there are no scientifically proven remedies to cellulite, there are several different things you can do to improve the appearance of your cellulite.

One of the most affective treatments for cellulite is to simply massage your problem areas. Increasing the flow of blood to the cellulite is crucial. For this remedy, simply take your favorite lotion or scrub and massage the affected areas in a circular motion. It is recommended that you do so once or twice daily to get the best results.

Another method that many women are turning to is a coffee scrub. The caffeine in the coffee is a secret ingredient in reducing the appearance of cellulite. A simple recipe for this scrub is to combine half of a cup of coffee grounds and one fourth of a cup of sugar with three tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. The consistency of the scrub should be about the thickness of cookie dough batter. To treat the cellulite, scrub the coffee mixture into the cellulite firmly for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, rinse with warm water.

Another popular treatment for cellulite is using a cream that is specifically formulated to remove cellulite. There are some good Revitol cellulite reviews out there that you can read to discover the benefits of using that particular product.

The last treatment method is to simply exercise! Because exercise builds muscle and increases blood flow, it is key in reducing cellulite. Cellulite most commonly forms around the thighs, butt and stomach in women, and any exercises that work on these areas are key. Some great exercises include donkey kicks, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and Russian twists. Cardio is also very affective in reducing cellulite.

For some women, cellulite is built in genetically or comes with their changing hormones. We may never be completely rid of it, but by changing diet or using one of the treatment methods above, we can at least wear that bathing suit a little bit more confidently!

Schwartz, Sara. “The 7 Biggest Myths About Cellulite.” The Huffington Post. N.p., 09 July 2015. Web. 22 June 2016.

Matched Betting – Does It Really Work?

By   May 25, 2016

If you have never heard of matched betting before, then listen up because this is something that thousands of people across the UK and Ireland are doing and people are making tens of thousands of pounds from doing it, absolutely risk free and tax free.

Ok, so what is matched betting? Matched betting is the process of deriving a guaranteed profit margin from completing online bookmaker and casino offers in a certain way. By following a simple process, you can take the free bet promotion offers from online bookmakers and turn them in to a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of the bet you’ve placed.

You do this by backing a bet with the bookmakers, and then laying it off on a betting exchange. This can be tricky to get your head around at first, but once you have the hang of it, it will become second nature and you will be able to back and lay bets in a matter of seconds.

That brings us on to Profit Accumulator. What they do is provide a service where they have lots of easy to follow training videos, articles and a great support team who will answer any questions you may have (You will have lots in the beginning).

*By the way, I based a lot of this article on this great Profit Accumulator review I read on this guy’s blog. If you want to get a really detailed version then head on over to his blog post and give it a read. If not, then carry on reading below…

They also have a private forum for all the members where everyone helps each other out, shares ideas, and generally help each other out to make even more money.

There are over 10,000 members of the private forum, making Profit Accumulator by far the largest and most successful matched betting community on the internet by far.

How much money you can make from matched betting depends a lot on how much time you can commit to doing it. If you are happy making a few hundred pounds a month from it, then you will only have to put in a few hours of work a month to achieve this.

However, if you want to take it to another level and earn thousands of pounds from matched betting every month, then you will have to put more time in to completing the offers every day.

When it comes to offers, you have two main types of offers to pick from. Sports offers and casino offers. There are other offer types that sometimes pop up, like bingo for example, which can also be very profitable.

Sports offers are the offers which are 100% risk free and are guaranteed to make you profit. There are hundreds of these offers to complete every week, and once you have learnt the process, they are extremely easy and fast to get through.

Casino offers fall in to two different categories, risk free and non risk free. The risk free ones are just that, you cannot lose any money, but you could win something. Sometimes you can win hundreds or even thousands of pounds from only having to deposit a few pounds. Which if you lost, you would get back anyway.

The non risk free offers are slightly different. You may lose your deposit doing these offers, but if you keep on competing these offers then in the long run you will make profit, as the offers have great long term expected value.

While you can literally do matched betting all year round and there are always offers to complete, during big sporting events like the Grand National, FIFA World Cup, tennis grand slams etc, the reload offers usually increase in number and in value. This allows you to make more during these big events than you may in a normal week when there are no huge sporting events on.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw

By   May 23, 2016

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw

When it comes to a residential use chainsaw, few can provide the overall quality like the Limb N Trim. At 8 amps, it’s capable of cutting through tree limbs while being gentle enough to handle all your trimming needs.


You may expect an electric chainsaw to be dwarfed by the power of its fuel guzzling brethren. Although that’s true for some, the Limb N Trim is still capable of handling large jobs as long as you have some patience.

With a 14 inch bar and 8 amp motor, it’s able to negotiate everything from saplings and small limbs to larger trees. As long as you have room to make the cut on both sides of the tree, you’ll be surprised how well the Limb N Trim can saw.

Because the chainsaw is electric, its start-up is much faster than a gas powered tool. Just a squeeze of the trigger and the saw springs to life. The only downside of the Limb N Trim’s performance is, like all electrics, the requirement for multiple or longer extension cords if you have a job further from your house.

If some high jobs seem out of reach, the chainsaw can be attached to a pole for further use, giving it more versatility than a lot of heavier tools.

The life expectancy of these saws is impressive. Some have seen up to 20 years of use before failing. On average, the Limb N Trim will hold up for 5 to 10 years, if properly maintained.

Don’t purchase the Limb N Trim if you’re looking to remove a forest. Stick to smaller jobs and it’ll do exactly as Remington says it will.


At just 6.25 pounds, the Limb N Trim is perfect for anyone who doesn’t need to power through commercial jobs.

The light weight may not add much gravitational force to the cut, but when you’re primping your bushes and clearing out those saplings, it’s heavy enough. Because it’s lighter than a new born baby, operators of all ages and abilities will find it easy to put to work.

The Limb N Trim comes assembled, straight out of the box. Oil the blade, plug it in, and you’re able to get working in a matter of minutes.

This is probably the best chainsaw from Remington as it’s maintenance free except for some sharpening of the blade. Since most of the jobs will be smaller in nature, the blade could take years before it needs to be honed. If it needs to be replaced, the easily accessible tension adjusting screw can be loosened, the guide bar pulled back, and the chain will come right out.

There may not be an automatic oiler but with a simple push button, your blade will continue running smooth and you’ll barely notice the need to do it yourself.


The Limb N Trim features a handful of safety additions to make sure the operator remains injury free during use.

Bar nose kickbacks can lead to dangerous injuries and are one of the more common causes while using a chainsaw. The low kickback bar and chain on the Limb N Trim will add extra protection by minimizing the possibility of the saw hooking debris. The downside to this feature is that larger jobs, like felling trees, will take significantly longer to complete. Since the Limb N Trim is designed for smaller jobs, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The wraparound hand guard keeps your forehand safe from debris during jobs. While it’s still recommended to wear gloves when using the saw, you can rest assured that parts of the tree won’t be able to seek retribution for your trimming.


Compared to other electric chainsaws, the Limb N Trim is a steal. It’s backed by a 2 year limited warranty and at around $50.00, you don’t need to take out a loan to start cleaning your yard.

Even on the short end of its life expectancy, paying a reasonable amount for at least 5 years of use makes it worthwhile in itself.


 The Limb N Trim can make a great addition to anyone’s yard work tools. With its solid performance in trimming and managing small jobs, as well as its ease of use, this saw ranks among the best electric chainsaws on the market.